Pet Insurance

Pet InsurancePet insurance is a key part of modern responsible pet ownership, and all pet owners should consider insuring their pet against ill health, accident and also third party damage.

We know that veterinary treatment for major illnesses can be expensive, and easily outside the scope of the average family budget. When your pet falls ill, it is heart-breaking to make decisions on tests or treatment based on finance.

Choosing a pet insurance policy

When you choose an insurance policy for your pet, ensure the policy will continue to cover life-long therapy for chronic illness. Some of the cheaper policies will cover initial diagnosis and treatment (usually for one year), but when it comes to re-insuring your pet, the company may exclude any further treatment for that condition. An example of this might be:

Mrs Smith insures her cat, Mumbles, with El Cheapo Insurance Ltd. She is saving £4 a month and feels pretty happy about that. The small print says: “Mumbles is insured up to £4,000 for any condition within one policy year.”“Great,” thinks Mrs Smith, £4,000, insured up to the hilt!

Mumbles leads a pampered life. Adored by Mrs Smith, he becomes an overweight pussycat. On Mumbles’s 10th birthday, Mrs Smith takes him for his annual check-up where he is unfortunately diagnosed with diabetes. Time to make Mrs Smith’s first claim on Mumbles’s insurance policy…and it’s great! The initial diagnostic tests are covered, as are the first year’s insulin and syringes. During the first year Mumbles required a number of blood tests and these are also covered.

The problem comes on Mumbles’s 11th birthday; it’s been a year since the diagnosis and El Cheapo Insurance Ltd write to Mrs Smith letting her know that they will now be excluding any treatment or diagnosis pertaining to diabetes! Mumbles goes on to live to his 23rd birthday and Mrs Smith has to pay for all treatment and tests for Mumbles’s diabetes for the next 12 years!

This situation is a really common problem. Therefore, when you are taking out a pet insurance policy please ensure it is a lifelong policy.

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