Owning a pet is a really rewarding experience. 

We always recommend you do plenty of research to ensure you purchase or rescue the right pet for you and your family. You probably already know what kind of pet you want, but whether it's a 35kg Labrador or a tiny Syrian hamster we always say to look at different breeds. Pay special attention to exercise requirements, habitat and life-span, to ensure they're the right fit for you.

As you can imagine, our staff have tons of pet owning experience, so have put together some top pre-purchase tips. 


Every pet has their own personality, needs and traits, some of which are more predictable than others, so please have a think about which pet characteristics would fit into your life. For example, Border Collies are known for their athleticism and high energy, whilst Maltese Terriers require daily grooming to maintain their gorgeous coats! 

Do the maths

Having a pet is a huge financial commitment. There's every day necessities like food and toys, and sadly there can be unexpected trips to see us, the Vets. 

Consider a rescue pet

Each year, thousands of older pets are looking for a forever home. There are many great charities that can offer you support and advice, and will help you find the right one for you and your family.

If you have any specific questions about getting a new pet, please call into any one of our practices where our friendly team will be happy to help you.  

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