Neutering your pet can prevent illnesses and unwanted behaviours. 

What is neutering and spaying?

We know that time flies when you have a puppy or kitten and before you know it he or she will be 6 months old. We think of this stage as a watershed; your pup is becoming an adult dog or your kitten a cat, and so it's time to make some important decisions around neutering and spaying.

Spaying is a procedure for female dogs which involves removing her uterus and ovaries.  The good news is that we use the latest technology in dissolvable internal stitches, meaning there's usually no external sutures. 

Depending on the breed and size of a bitch, she may come into season any time after 6 months, and whilst there's no hard or fast rule, generally the smaller the dog, the sooner she will start her season. If you aren't intending to breed from her, then the best option is to have her spayed, otherwise known as an ovariohysterectomy. 

Why do this?

There are a number of reasons to spay your female dog. The procedure will prevent the hormonal influences which causes her to come into season twice yearly, with the risk of unwanted pregnancies or phantom pregnancies - all of which can be stressful for you and your pup. 

There are health benefits as well. The possibility of your dog suffering from breast cancer is reduced by 97% if she's neutered in her first year! Six month old bitches are usually at their healthiest as well, and so deal with anaesthetics really well. Spaying is also important consideration when trying to combat womb diseases such as Pyometra, a potentially fatal womb infection seen in older, un-neutered bitches. 

What about the boys? 

With a male dog there is no real rush to neuter (castrate) unless he's proving to be a nuisance. Otherwise, it can wait until he's 9 months to a year old. Either way, it's best done to avoid problems such as testicular caners, or prostate issues when he's older. 

The Pets'nVets Family are also able to spay by a minimally invasive means, using laparoscopy. Read more about Keyhole neutering here.


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