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  • Pets'n'Vets Roundhouse carried out life-changing surgery on a minature poodle!

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A top vet at leading Scottish animal hospital, Pets'n'Vets Roundhouse, has successfully carried out intricate, life-changing surgery on a tiny miniature poodle weighing less than 3kg, using a 3D guide to optimise outcome. 

Ross Allan, clinical director at Pets’n’Vets’ Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in Pollokshaws, carried out the delicate operation to stabilise the 11-year-old pets right shoulder, which was repeatedly dislocating. 

Advanced Practitioner Ross said it was a challenge as the dog, called Sam, was so small but he had worked with experts to create pin-point 3D surgical guides meaning Sam’s surgery was smooth and there was absolute precision in the operating theatre. 

Ross explained: Sam first began suffering from a mild lameness of his right forelimb and then his owners noticed his right shoulder was popping out and popping back in again. 

“He is a really tiny dog and the loose shoulder was causing him significant lameness and was not going to improve with conservative treatment.sam with minature poodle that underwent life changing surgery at petsnvets in glasgow

“Surgical arthrodesis, of ‘fusion’ of the shoulder, was felt to be the best choice for Sam as, while his bones were extremely small and the surgery challenging, we recognised it was our best choice to give Sam a good functional outcome, especially in an older and smaller dog.  

To help plan the surgery, I contacted Bill Oxley at Vet3D who assisted with planning and printing of ‘Sam-specific’ 3D surgical guides and bone models which proved a great help.

The 3D bone models were used before the surgery to pre-contour the two malleable locking plates we used to hold the scapula and humerus in position after wed created flat bone surfaces at the time of surgery. 

Being able to pre-contour and plan, not only plate position but the exact order of screw insertion, meant that Sams surgery was much safer, smoother and predictable.

The 3D assessment and printing of the bone models pre-surgery meant we could plan every element of the procedure and was integral to such a successful outcome for Sam.”

Sam was soon allowed home, albeit under strict orders to rest for eight weeks, and has subsequently made a full recovery with no adverse effects or complications.

Delighted owner Theresa Wallace, from Clydebank, said: We are extremely happy with Sams surgery and couldnt be more grateful to Ross and the team at Roundhouse, especially considering the complex surgery he had to go through.

Sam was walking on just three legs pre-surgery and after surgery hes now confidently walking using all four legs again.

This has had a huge impact on Sam as he is now able to go for walks again and be more physical and mobile and do the things he enjoys.”

The Roundhouse hospital is open 365 days a year and is dedicated to ensuring every patient receives the highest quality veterinary care. 

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