It's vital that your pet receives the correct exercise and nutrition, however we understand getting the balance right can be tricky! 

How do I check if my pet is a healthy weight? 

When your pet is young, it's vital he or she receives the correct nutrition to support growth as poor nutrition can have long term effects on your pet's health. 

If you have any concerns regarding your pets’ weight, please speak with one of our team.

We can use the Body Conditioning Score Scale to determine where your pet sits which will then tell us if they are underweight, overweight, or the ideal weight! Then depending on where they sit on the scale, if necessary we can work together to come up with a weight loss or weight gain plan for your pet.  

Why does weight matter?

Overweight pets are a difficult subject to discuss, but the reality is that many pets come into our surgeries overweight, which can cause a reduction in quality of life and lead to an increased chance of contracting diabetes, heart disease, and joint disease.

A pet sitting at the top end of the Body Conditioning Score Scale may have reduced energy levels as well, which will have a knock-on effect on simple things like going for a walk in the park. An underweight pet may not have the nutrients they need to provide them with the energy required to fulfil their potential.

We can help you reduce the chance of your pet developing these problems, by regularly checking your pets weight and where necessary, help you to make changes to keep your pets weight on track.

How can I prevent obesity? 

We have a great track record of helping overweight pets lose the extra pounds through our Pet Slimmer’s Club. We have nurse clinics offering regular weight checks, as well as advice on diet and exercise regimes. All the support you need will be offered, and together we can make your pet happier, healthier, more energetic, and with a little luck, live longer!

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