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Thursday 24th Jan, 2019

The Hairy Tail

Learn more about the different pets we see, the cool events we're involved with, staff stories and much much more with the fanatstic Pets'n'Vets Family Newsletter  -The Hairy Tail!  

Our latest Issue can be downloaded here: Issue 3 The Hairy Tail

Highlights include a Look Back at 2018, Our Pet Slimmer of the Month Bonnie, and Sprout the mini lion lop and his cutting edge hoperation! 


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Pets'n'Vets Family 2 days ago

🍰🍪 GOODIES GALORE!! 🍪🍰 We've got a bake sale today to raise money for The Trusty Paws Clinic!! 😁🌞 Everything looks DELICIOUS!! We'll also be walking this year's Kiltwalk to raise money for Trusty Paws! All donations warmly welcomed 😊
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