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At our award-winning Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in the southside of Glasgow, we can offer advanced surgical procedures, advanced imaging and diagnostics, and emergency and critical care as standard. Read on to learn more about our fantastic facilities.

Advanced Imaging

In addition to in-house digital x-ray and ultrasound, our well-respected and experienced team can provide out-patient CT and MRI advanced imaging.

Our CT images are acquired quickly, meaning shorter sedation or anaesthetic times.

Typical applications for CT include:

  • Contrast studies – CT contrast urography, portosystemic shunt
  • ENT: middle ear disease, nasal disease
  • Orthopaedic – bone pathology, neoplasia, elbow dysplasia, 3D reconstructions for angular limb deformity
  • Oncology – staging of thoracic and abdominal neoplasia

We also provide access to MRI scans, with typical applications including:

  • Intracranial disease: seizures, masses
  • Spinal disease: assessing for disc or neoplastic disease
  • Musculoskeletal: soft tissue injuries e.g., ligaments and tendons
  • Surgical Oncology: planning removal of complex tumours


Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome is an inherited condition affecting dogs and cats which results in the abnormal development of the skull.

Whilst the skull is a normal width, its length is significantly reduced. The soft tissues within the skull (e.g., the tongue and soft palate) are not reduced in size to compensate for this development, and so they end up taking up vital breathing space within the upper airways. The most common abnormalities associated with

BOAS include, narrowed nostrils, narrowed windpipe, elongated soft palate, and everted laryngeal saccules.

Without the right care and attention, these abnormalities can lead to severe breathing difficulties, overheating and exercise intolerance in pets.

Our Advanced Surgical team can offer consultation and surgical intervention for BOAS pets where appropriate. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information!


Our surgeons are highly experienced in fracture and cruciate ligament repairs, including TPLO and extracapsular suture repairs, plates, external fixators, and pins, and Patellar Luxation.
Before deciding which surgery is best suited to your pet, our surgeons will consider your pet’s individual needs and perform high quality, orthopaedic x-rays to ensure they make the best choice for them. With advanced imaging options such as CT and MRI available, we can explore every option.

Emergency & Critical Care

Our team provides exceptional care to the most critically ill pets 365 days a year. As well as state-of-the-art facilities and extensive in-house lab facilities, our critical care pets benefit from several on-site advanced procedures and therapies.

Keyhole Neutering

In Keyhole neutering (a Laparoscopic Spay) your female dog will have her ovaries removed using a small camera and vessel sealing device, through a keyhole incision (ovariectomy). In traditional neutering, this procedure would involve a long incision on the midline of the tummy. The uterus and the ovaries are then stitched with thread and removed through this larger hole.

The main benefits of performing Keyhole Neutering are:

  • A reduction in post-operative pain
  • Quicker recovery times
  • Smaller wound size
  • Less complications associated with post-operative wounds
  • Less risk of post-operative infections
  • In some cases, shorter hospitalisation times

If you would like to know more about Keyhole Neutering, either give us a call or pop into see us.

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