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We want to keep your pet as healthy as possible which is why we run a number of fantastic nurse clinics.

What happens at a nurse clinic?

At a Pets'n'Vets Family nurse clinic we can offer anal gland expression, nail clips, dental checks, weigh and worms, flea and tick prevention plus lots of great pre-purchase advice!

Nurse appointments are also a really great way of getting your pet used to coming to the vets, our Consulting Nurse Cheree explains: “Our nurse clinics have many benefits for our clients and their pets – one of the main things I work on is socialisation. As we know, many animals have anxiety coming to see the vet. Through our nurse clinics, we will build up the pet’s confidence by inviting them to see us when the focus is on offering lots of cuddles and treats to make positive memories! We really do see the results: relaxed, happy pets at the vet!”

What advice can I get at a nurse clinic?

Our nurses are here to offer grooming advice - whether it be how to clean your pets’ eyes and ears, or how to brush their coat, especially when your furry friend doesn’t enjoy you getting close to them with a brush in hand. Our fantastic team can also answer any dietary questions you may have, for example, how many times a day should my pet be getting fed, how much food do I give him or her? We can also help you understand which treats are appropriate, as well as highlight toxic foods within the house such as chocolate, raisins and grapes.

Our nurses are also a great first point of call for advice with regards to mild behavioural issues such as toilet training, mild separation anxiety, and basic social skills. Anything more complex, our nurses are on hand to refer you to the appropriate qualified professional as we know that it’s often through conversation with our nurses, that issues are identified.

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