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  • Cruciate Surgery – Fixed Price TPLO

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Cruciate ligament disease is the most common orthopaedic condition in dogs and often requires surgical treatment. Our surgeons are highly experienced in cruciate ligament surgery and frequently perform procedures to manage this injury.

Before deciding which surgery is best suited to your pet, our surgeons will consider your pet’s individual needs and proceed to X-ray your pet’s knees, enabling them to assess your pet’s own ‘biomechanics’: a factor that influences what is likely to be the ‘best option’ for individual patients.

Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO) Surgery at Roundhouse Referrals – Fixed Price

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TPLO is an advanced surgical procedure for managing cruciate ligament disease in dogs and has increasing evidence that it offers superior recovery and longer-term outcome for the majority of patients.

TPLO surgery involves performing an osteotomy (cut) of the tibia bone using a curved saw blade and then rotating the cut portion to change the alignment, thereby removing the tension upon the cranial cruciate ligament.

While complex, the evidence is that this surgery offers superior outcomes, especially in larger and more active dogs.

Roundhouse Referrals is delighted to offer TPLO as a Fixed Price procedure, which includes consultation, assessment, surgery and a rehabilitation plan for the first 6 weeks following surgery.

By publishing our clinical outcomes, investing in the best equipment and offering this surgery for a Fixed Price we believe that our TPLO service offers excellent value.

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Extracapsular Stabilisation

This technique places a suture on the outside of the joint to help reduce the instability that occurs as a result of the cruciate ligament being torn.

This surgery helps stabilise the knee while scar tissue develops, with this scar tissue giving the long-term support to the knee joint. This technique tends be reserved for smaller dogs and cats. The support provided by the prosthetic suture decreases after several weeks when the suture may stretch or break, but by this time there should be adequate fibrosis (scar tissue) around the joint to provide longer term stability.

As patient size increases there is a higher risk of premature failure with this technique - which can result in persistent instability and lameness. In addition, the fibrosis that occurs may reduce the movement of the joint and this to can cause problems.

For these reasons, small dogs with very steep tibial plateau angles (small terrier breeds) and larger dogs often will do better with TPLO.

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