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There is a lot to think about when picking a dog.


Where should I go to get a dog?

We would never recommend rehoming a dog via Gumtree or other general internet buy-and-sell sites, as re-homing a dog via a Rescue Centre or a registered breeder, will cut out potential con-artists and puppy-farmers. Doing so will also provide you with many more assurances, and much more support, together with a clearer history of your new dog.

Should I choose a pure bred dog?

When it comes to pedigree dogs, the choice is enormous. From Bassett to Bulldog, Griffon to Great Dane, Collie to Chihuahua, not to mention the new cross-pure-breeds such as Labradoodles and Cock-a-Poos there's a lot to consider. Our experienced team have put together their list of considerations:

Breeds developed for working and sporting activities, such as collies and spaniels, will require more exercise than toy or even giant breeds.

Long haired dogs require more grooming.

Breeds with curly or long-haired coats require clipping or grooming at your local dog groomer.

Some short haired dogs cast their coats heavily.

What if I want an adult dog?

Taking on a dog which has been somebody else’s pet can be a hugely rewarding experience. The dog maybe looking for a new home because a previous owner has had a change in circumstance such as illness or bereavement, or it could be that that dog had issues which the previous owner could not deal with.

When choosing to rehome a dog, we always say to obtain as much information as you can. Ask the reason for rehoming, for the dog's history and for the vaccination and deworming records. And if you do take on the pet, arrange for one of our trusted vets to check them over as soon as possible.

What if I want a puppy?

Choosing a puppy can be an exciting experience, that's why we have created this easy pup check list:

When you go to see your puppy, spend time with the puppy’s mother to get a feel for her temperament and personality. If the mother is not around, this could mean that the pup is being sold on through dealers which can create extra problems.

Find out what diet the puppy been weaned onto. If it's a standard puppy food, be sure to find out the brand of the food, and whether you can easily buy it. Later on, you can change the puppy gradually onto a more convenient diet.

Are the puppy’s vaccinations up to date? If so, make sure you get a vaccine certificate which has been signed by a vet, and bring this with you to your first visit with us.

Has the puppy been dewormed? If so, ask the breeder when, and with what product.

If you are getting a pedigree puppy, make sure you obtain a copy of the pedigree with the KC Registrations, of both the mother and father.

If you want the puppy to be KC Registered, ask the breeder to do it as it's easier for them.

Lastly, please tell the breeder that the sale is not final, until you have had the puppy checked over by us. If you want any more information about choosing a dog as a pet, please get in touch or pop into one of our practices for a chat.

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