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  • Pets'n'Vets Family Terms and Conditions

Pet Health for Life Plan

Spread the cost of your pet’s essential healthcare

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  1. This membership is administrated by Premier Vet Alliance for The Pets'n'Vets Family.
  2. No money will be refunded should a client decide not to take the full vaccination programme. Family Membership includes vaccines for the lifetime of the pet, and includes Kennel Cough for dogs and Feline Calici Virus for cats where recommended. All Family Member pets will be entitled to one full course of vaccinations in adulthood should vaccines lapse, or in puppy or kitten hood. 
  3. Our practice opening hours are published on our website and are subject to change. The Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital is open 365 days a year. Family Membership includes standard consultations and excludes Advanced Consultations (as detailed in our Practice terms and conditions) Consultations after 8pm on weekdays and on bank holidays (referred to as "Red Consultations") are discounted by 50% for Family Members. The discounts applies to Pets'n'Vets Family practices only, and no discount will be given for consultations at third party out of hours, or referral practices.
  4. Unlimited Standard consultations exclude Advanced Consultations and Clinics, but include regular consultations with a Vet or Nurse for illness, injury or health checks. Unlimited standard consultations must be used within reason, and we reserve the right to discontinue membership should client usage fall out-with what we deem acceptable in our professional opinion.
  5. Keyhole spaying is suitable for some pets and not others - it will be offered if your Vet feels it’s a suitable option for your pet.
  6. Insurance form processing: a maximum of 3 months of veterinary work will be processed at any one time. Should we be presented with more than 3 months’ worth of insurance forms to process, we reserve the right to charge our usual fee of £10 per 3 month period processed.
  7. Pets’n’Vets Family Membership is not pet insurance and should not be considered as such. Pets’n’Vets Family Membership does not include pet insurance. Pets’n’Vets Family Membership is not a replacement for pet insurance. It is specifically advised that all clients have Pet insurance for their Pets and that clients review and understand their Pet insurance policy.  
  8. Any medications or treatments required as a result of a diagnosis made in a consultation, will be will be subject to usual charges. 
  9. Neutering discounts exclude non-standard neutering, for example, anatomical forms such as hypoplasia, retained testicles or other atypia which may be subject to additional charges. 
  10. Some Pets may not be eligible for elements of the Family Membership due to age, breed or health concerns. Withholding them is at the discretion of the our veterinary surgeons and will not result in a refund.
  11. All discounts are at the discretion of the Pets'n'Vets management team.
  12. If you have chosen Beat the Beasties 2U, we will send 3 Beat the Beasties Packs to your door each year. Once a year, we do our Beat the Beasties review (usually at the same time as your Pet's booster) and provide your Pet's next Beat the Beasties Pack, to you, there and then.
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